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Since 2015 Bravery and Company has created a unique assortment of coloring books, education materials, and inspirational art. We are focused on fostering true growth in each individual by providing interactive resources that inspire our readers.

Growth-Focused Learning Material

We bring you thoughtfully created materials and educational programs that help make a difference toward achieving strong character and positive mental health.

Our shop is comprised of educational books and supplies that promote character development and growth. Each item was made to include timeless and relevant values for readers of all cultures and backgrounds. We also have a long list of books scheduled for future release to add to our continuously growing library.

Our Latest Release: Color Your Journey

Color Your Journey is an art and creative writing program focusing on a core Attribute concept and invites participants to discover more about who they are. The program contains a Navigator’s Guide for a facilitator and an Explorer’s Workbook for participants. Suggested age is 13 years and older and is very effective in a group or classroom-type setting at home or school.

The Navigator’s Guide includes program objectives, lesson plans, and discussion topics to assist in the successful completion of the workbook. This guide is intended to be used with the Explorer’s Workbook.

The Explorer’s Workbook is a creatively laid out tool for participants containing thought-provoking questions, journaling, art projects and more which promote self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and responsible decision-making.

After completing the workbook, you can receive a bound version of your very own story. And if you like, we will display your original artwork on our website where it can be available for purchase on T-shirts, coffee cups and other items.


Color Her Journey & Color His Journey

Independent coloring workbooks for boys & girls and women & men.
Great for quiet time at home or traveling on the road.

Coming Soon To Our Library

Bravery and Company is growing, and so is our library. Here's a glimpse of what we are working on around the clock to keep you engaged.

Color Your Journey Jr. :

A simplified version of “Color Your Journey” for elementary aged children. You will take students on a treasure hunt and creative process that helps each child create their own treasure map while learning some basic building blocks to creative thinking, group discussion, and character building.

Our Colorful Journey:

A writing and art education program focusing on social engagement using Bravery and Company’s core Attribute concepts.

Vocabulary Books, Coloring Books and Story Books :

To encourage a perpetual learning process, Bravery and Company has begun the process of creating an entire volume of supplemental learning tools using pictures, words and stories.

If you are interested in learning more about us or our reading and learning materials, send us a message now.